Bus Rental terms

Please read the following bus rental terms carefully. By making the reservation, you must agree to these terms. The customer should notify our company within 7 days of any questions he may have regarding these terms.

Booking agreement

The agreement is formed when CDL TOUR ltd and the customer accept the reservation. The bus booking process can be done easily either through our page www.cdltour.gr in the form of interest either through e-mails or on the company's phones: +30 6947260061 & +30 2111821051. You must tell us the destination, the day, the time, the number of passengers as well as any peculiarities of the itinerary. Do not forget to provide your name and phone number for further clarification. CDL TOUR ltd will use the information you have provided during the booking process to contact you (Please read our Privacy Policy here).

•         After completing the booking form or we have spoken on the phone, you will receive an e-mail or a confirmation SMS within 24 hours, along with our offer and the details of your booking. The written acceptance of an offer will be considered a reservation. The following is a private lease agreement between the company and the lessee stating the details of the parties, the duration, the place, the amount of charge as well as other agreed terms of the lease. The service will be organized and provided according to the information you have given us during the booking process. You must check and confirm that all the information contained in the booking form is correct and in case of any discrepancy or any change that may affect the itinerary, you must inform us immediately by written request (e-mail or SMS). A deposit of 30% of the charter cost is required after you have confirmed the reservation.

(Any deposit requested must be paid by the date stated, and payment made in full before the start of the hire unless otherwise agreed by the company.)


The customer is deemed to be acting on behalf of all passengers he represents and using the services as he must ensure the following:

•         The observance of a high level of behavior by all passengers at all times and compliance with the instructions given by the driver.

•         The driver is in complete charge of the vehicle, should he consider that the safety of the passengers or vehicle could be compromised he/she is at liberty to take any action that he or she determines is appropriate.

  • There will be no disruption or delay of any journey and in any way that could endanger the driver, passengers or risk breaching any statutory regulations regarding driving hours and service time.
  • Pick-up times must be respected.
  • The customer must ensure, prior to booking that the correct number of seats has been selected and will not load the vehicle beyond any specified capacity.
  • The customer must ensure that the size of the vehicle meets the passengers ' baggage requirements.
  • All vehicles are non-smoking and it is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol or drugs in the vehicles.
  • No banner or poster appears on the vehicle without the prior written consent of the company.
  • The route used will be at the discretion of the driver, for the unhindered and safe transportation of passengers, unless a specific route has been specified and agreed in writing.
  • Let us know if you are going to travel with infants (0-2 years old), with pets (dog-cat) or carry bulky luggage.
  • The customer will receive an emergency contact phone number with our company as well as the driver's phone. Therefore, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that this information is with them at all times during the trip.
  • When CDL TOUR ltd arranges any facilities such as accommodation, meals, tickets or any other services provided by another supplier, the customer must comply with the supplier's terms and conditions as if the Customer had contracted directly with such services.
  • Our company will always try to keep price increases to a minimum.
  • Driving hours and mandatory driver rest periods. All passenger transport by road shall be regulated under the conditions laid down in Regulation (EC) no 1008/2008. Regulation (EC) no 1073/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 October 2009 on common rules. The driver's service time, driving hours and rest periods are regulated by law and the renter accepts responsibility to ensure that the rental adheres to the hours agreed by CDL TOUR ltd unless there is an emergency. In the event of a possible infringement, the customer will be liable for any additional costs, unless this is not in the control of the lessee (e.g., border delays).

Payment policy & Price

•         The price for the services included will be indicated on the invoice confirmation and on the booking form.

•         Prices are calculated based on vehicle capacity, destination and date you wish to use our services and are provided with a total price agreed in advance and not a ticket per passenger.

•         Any additional charges that may occur during the trip will be paid directly to the company by the customer unless otherwise agreed (examples of additional costs: extra kilometers, driver accommodation and meals, parking fees). It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the payment is paid on time. If the bus to the was previously booked, loses its availability due to slow confirmation, then our company will try to use a vehicle of similar size and similar capacity, but this cannot be guaranteed.

•         If the advance payment is not received within the agreed period, CDL TOUR ltd has the right to cancel any reservations. The deposit and payment of the service provided can be made through or cash (for amounts up to 500,00 euros), or deposit in the bank accounts of the company or in our office with your debit card using POS machine (for amounts over 500,00 euros). After the end of the lease, an issue invoice for the provision of services (for a company) or a receipt for the provision of services (for an individual) is assigned to the lessee.

Cancellation policy-exceptional circumstances

Should it become necessary to cancel your booking, please note the following charges may be levied:

•         In case of cancellation: from 01 to 03 days before the departure date, the charge may be equivalent to 50% of the total value of the reservation. *

•         In case of non-appearance of the customer (non-show) at the point of embarkation, the charge may be equivalent to 100% of the total value. *

          * (cancellation fees depend each time on the seasonality ((low season - high season)) and the duration of the lease, unless otherwise agreed by the company).

CDL TOUR ltd cannot guarantee or hold responsible for any extraordinary circumstances arising from external force majeure circumstances prior to or during the travel service you have selected. Such circumstances may include natural disasters, fires and adverse weather conditions, accidents and related delays, police checks, acts of vandalism or terrorism, protests and organized disturbances, unforeseen road hazards, government decisions, as well as other incidents that are not under the control of the vehicle rental company.

•         Any services such as theatre tickets, boat trips, meals, museum tickets, tour guide fees and accommodation previously purchased by CDL TOUR ltd on behalf of the customer cannot be refunded. In case there are no other vehicles available or the customer does not wish to book another bus, the cost of the deposit will be refunded. CDL TOUR ltd will not be held responsible for renter cancellation.


After the end of the lease, you may be asked to complete a customer satisfaction questionnaire. We will be glad to know about your overall experience of our services.